Lessons In Bulgarian: A Dialogue – “AT THE DOCTOR’S”

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Lessons In Bulgarian: A Dialogue – “AT THE DOCTOR’S”

Post by Angel on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:03 pm

A Dialogue – “AT THE DOCTOR’S”

А: Добър ден!
Good afternoon!

Б: Заповядайте! Седнете! Как се чувствате?
Come in! Take a seat! How are you feeling?

А: Докторе, не се чувствам добре.
I don’t feel well, Doctor.

Б: От какво се оплаквате?
What are your complaints?

А: Боли ме гърло (глава, корем) / Имам температура / Повръщам
I have a sore throat (headache, stomach-ache) / I have a temperature / I feel sick.

Б: Ще Ви изпиша лекарства.
I will prescribe some medicines for you to take.

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